news 2020-06-13. The video recording of the concert from 2003 have finally been released. The audio is a very special video mix including the intro track Shaggy Road. Watch it here: Enter - the movie!

2010-07-27. The website has been reconstructed and relocated.

2006-12-21. Yet another year has passed. As a special gift this year we bring you a very special treat. The song TV 2 recorded live in 2003. Merry Xmas to you all.

2005-12-20. Merry Xmas to you all. Here is a full-length mp3 of an old Enter classic Var är du and the never released Sparks cover Popularity.

2003-09-08. Added a photo from Fredmans.

2003-09-05. The gig at Fredmans was a great success. We sold many copies of DPDPP and who knows, new Enter releases might be coming soon.
The concert was documented in various forms and some of the material will be added to this website.

2003-07-28. Enter will perform live on 2003-09-03 at Fredmans in Uppsala. The night will also feature other interesting acts.

2003-06-10. Believe it or not! According to Cpt Zoo and Spaceman Shaggy our heroes will probably play a live gig in Uppsala this fall.

2000-12-05. The DPDPP CD has been a great success! If you haven't ordered your own copy, do it NOW!
As you probably noticed there has been yet another delay in the Shaggy Road project. We'll get back to you when we have some more info.

2000-02-09. Added some MP3-samples from Dr Pepper's Datapop Party Poppers.

2000-01-11. The first CD is done. It will contain 14 great synthpop songs and some small suprises. You'll soon be able to order it!

2000-01-06. The CD project is going very well. We're almost done re-mastering the old songs. More information about the CD's will be found on the new Enter - The CD-page

1999-12-30. The work with the CD has begun!

1999-12-07. Due to the immense demand for Enter's music we might compile a CD. Are you interested in buying it? Then contact us at

1999-12-06. I've added a full length mp3 of Var är du.

1999-08-31. For quite some time now wierd noises has leaked out from Captain Zoo´s apartment. A vocoder sang Shaggy Road, Shaggy Road. Who knows, someday there might be a brand new Enter demo available.

1999-06-21. Added a full length mp3 of My electric friend. REMOVED!

1999-04-04. Added mp3-versions of the samples and did a counter reset.

1998-04-24. Added two more pictures.

1998-04-09. Once again the release of Shaggy Road has been postponed.